Car Restoration Service

Vehicle Repair

Complete repair and  parts restoration

  • Sand pits, germination, sodium
  • Services plating (chrome, nickel-zinc, copper)
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Painting and cleaning and replacement of damaged surface of the sheet metal and structural
  • Powder coating reconditioned parts
  • Wheel Reconditioning
  • Leeched some elements – turning the steel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steels alloyed / stainless steel
  • Restoring the characteristics of shock absorbers by a full recovery
  • Welding of all steel and aluminum TIG
  • Surfacing losses / turning
  • Welding plastics

    Reconstruction of the interior of vehicles

    The plant performs according to orders and wishes leather goods. We do all the work from scratch upholstery using the finest materials, casting style and character of its original features. Reconstruct missing or damaged trim:

    • roofs with different materials [convertible and hard]
    • chairs and rear bench seat
    • Door upholstery
    • soffits
    • floor coverings
    • trunk liner
    • all trim


    • Repair heads – planning, polishing, sockets, replacement of sealants, welding head
    • Service the cooling system – replacement heaters
    • exchange of timing circuits
    • major repairs and running engines
    • Exchange coupling
    • replacement of worn parts
    • Oil Service


    • regeneration beam rear suspension cars French cars
    • height adjustable rear beam in cars French cars
    • regeneration of shock / damper characteristics change
    • replacement springs, springs, studded rubber-metal bushing
    • replacement pins zwrotniczych
    • Exchange plugs in beams
    • replacement of the needle bearing joists
    • replacement of bearings hub
    • replacement of worn parts


    • regeneration hubs / extrusion and deposition of new bearings
    • regeneration Cardan shaft
    • replacement of worn parts


    • regeneration roller and steering columns
    • regeneration of steering
    • replacement of steering
    • Exchange tips and steering rods
    • power steering pump replacement
    • replacement of worn parts


    • replacement of worn parts


    • replacement of brake pads
    • replacement of brake linings
    • replacement of brake discs
    • replacement of brake calipers
    • regeneration / renewal calipers
    • replacement of brake pump
    • replacement of worn parts


    • alternator repair
    • regeneration of the alternator
    • starter repair
    • regeneration starters
    • repair of electrical installations


    • replacement of worn parts